This next hymn was found in God Is Love; or, Memorials of Little Nony published in Volume IV of the Havergal edition.

(Frances had wanted to write a Memorial of Nony Heywood, but she died an unexpectedly early death at 42 and a half, only 33 days after Nony died.)

The author of this hymn is not known, very likely not F.R.H.

Lord, look upon a little child,

By nature sinful, rude, and wild;

Oh ! put Thy gracious hands on me,

And make me all I ought to be.

Make me Thy child, a child of God,

Washed in my Saviour’s precious blood;

And my whole heart from sin set free,

A little vessel full of Thee.

A star of early dawn, and bright,

Shining within Thy sacred light;

A beam of light to all around,

A little spot of hallowed ground.

Dear Jesus, take me to Thy breast,

And bless me that I may be blest;

Both when I wake and when I sleep,

Thy little lamb in safety keep.

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