All the items are written by F.R.H. unless specified otherwise.

Volume I  Behold Your King:
The Complete Poetical Works of Frances Ridley Havergal

1. The Poetical Works of Frances Ridley Havergal, the Nisbet edition
2. Poems not found in Nisbet’s Poetical Works
3. Echoes from the Word
4. Royal Gems and Wayside Chimes
5. Red Letter Days
6. Poems by William Henry Havergal, Jane Miriam (Havergal) Crane,
Ellen Prestage (Havergal) Shaw, and Maria V. G. Havergal

Volume II  Whose I Am and Whom I Serve:
Prose Works of Frances Ridley Havergal

1. “One Hour with Jesus”
2. My King
3. Royal Commandments
4. Royal Bounty
5. The Royal Invitation
6. Loyal Responses
7. Kept for the Master’s Use
8. Starlight Through the Shadows
9. “All Things”
10. “Him with Whom we have to do”
11. “Hints for Lady Workers at Mission Services”
12. “The Approaching Mission Services”
13. “Mottoes for Open Air Mission Workers”
14. “The Dream Cathedral”
15. “Christmas Decorations”
16. “United Bible Reading”
17. “Words about Work”
18. “Holiday Work”
19. “Our Swiss Guide”
20. “Hinderers and Hindrances”
21. “I also . . . for thee”
22. “Excerpts : on Music, etc.”
23. “I do not fear death.”
24. Specimen Glasses for the King’s Minstrels
25. F.R.H.’s last, uncompleted “Specimen Glass” on Horatius Bonar
26. Miriam Crane’s “Specimen Glass” on F.R.H.’s hymns
27. Miriam Crane’s “Specimen Glass” on William Henry Havergal’s hymns
28. Hints on Bible Marking by Mrs. Stephen Menzies
29. My Bible Study for the Sundays of the Year
30. Treasure Trove
31. Home Words Birthday Book
32. Open Letter “To the Members of the Young Women’s Christian
33. Prefaces and Items by F.R.H. on Music
34. “Hints for Irish Society Collectors”
35. “How Much for Jesus” and Other Items Published in Periodicals
36. Never Say Die by Samuel Gillespie Prout, edited by F.R.H.
37. Bible studies by F.R.H.

Volume III  Loving Messages for the Little Ones:
Works for Children by Frances Ridley Havergal

1. Bruey A Little Worker for Christ
2. The Four Happy Days
3. Little Pillows
4. Morning Bells
5. Morning Stars
6. Ben Brightboots and Other True Stories, Hymns, and Music
7. Lilies and Shamrocks
8. A Wise and Holy Child by William Henry Havergal
9. “The Sister of ‘A Wise and Holy Child’ ” by Maria V. G. Havergal or
possibly by F.R.H.
10. Streamlets of Song for the Young and other poems for young people
11. Sacred Songs for Little Singers, words by F.R.H., music by Alberto
12. “The Children’s Triumph,” words and music by F.R.H., and other songs.

Volume IV  Love for Love:
Frances Ridley Havergal : Memorials, Letters, and Biographical Works
1. Memorials of Frances Ridley Havergal by Maria Vernon Graham Havergal
2. Article on Great Campden House by Maria V. G. Havergal
3. Frances Ridley Havergal as a Sunday-School Teacher
4. Articles on Elizabeth Clay and Cecilia Havergal Grant
5. Letters by the Late Frances Ridley Havergal edited by Maria V. G. Havergal
6. Swiss Letters and Alpine Poems by F.R.H., edited by Jane Miriam
(Havergal) Crane
7. The Last Week by Maria V. G. Havergal
8. Dr. John Tinson Wrenford and Frances Ridley Havergal
9. Lilies and Shamrocks by Caroline W. Ashby and F.R.H. (Included in
Volume III, this is included here also.)
10. Frances Ridley Havergal as a Musician
11. Poems In Memoriam after F.R.H.’s Death
12. Published Articles and Letters after F.R.H.’s Death
13. Published Notices on the Havergal Memorial Fund
14. Published Reviews of Items Written by F.R.H.
15. The Autobiography of Maria Vernon Graham Havergal edited by J. Miriam
16. Records of the Life of the Rev. William Henry Havergal, M.A. by J. Miriam
17. Statements of Appreciation for W.H.H.
18. Published Articles about W.H.H.
19. The Pastor Remembered and the Brethren Entreated, memorial volume on
W.H.H., by Charles Bullock and Andrew James Symington
20. “The Havergal Family: Some Lingering Memories” by S. B. James
21. Outlines of a Gentle Life (biography of Ellen Prestage Havergal Shaw) by
Maria V. G. Havergal
22. Pleasant Fruits by Maria V. G. Havergal
23. Cripple Joseph by Maria V. G. Havergal
24. Footprints and Living Songs by Emily M. Coombe, F.R.H., and J. Miriam
25. Memorials of Little Nony by her mother, Mrs. Heywood
26. Within the Palace Gates by Charles Bullock
27. Near the Throne by Charles Bullock
28. The Sisters by Charles Bullock
29. Chapters on F.R.H. and W.H.H. in The Crown of the Road by Charles
30. Scriptural Remembrances of a Faithful Pastor about Charles Busbridge
Snepp, with other pieces by or about Rev. Snepp
31. Article on J. C. Ryle by Charles Bullock
32. Frances Ridley Havergal by Thomas Herbert Darlow
33. Article by Lewis H. Court, Havergal College, and poem by Oswald
34. Frances Ridley Havergal : Worcestershire Hymnwriter by Janet Grierson
35. Singing for Jesus by Janet Grierson
36. Articles by Janet Grierson, and brief essays by Stanley Ward
37. “Fanny Crosby’s British Counterpart” by Warren Wiersbe
38. “The Farewell Sermon” by Rev. J. H. Rogers, St. Paul’s Church,
Leamington, November 26, 1876
39. Six Lectures on the Ark of the Covenant by Rev. William Henry Havergal
40. Sermons, Chiefly on Historical Subjects from the Old and New Testaments
Volume I, the Old Testament, by William Henry Havergal
41. Sermons, Chiefly on Historical Subjects from the Old and New Testaments
Volume II, the New Testament, by W.H.H.
42. A third volume of Sermons by W.H.H. and John East
43. Quotations by or about C. H. Spurgeon on F.R.H.
44. Publication of Books by F.R.H. Before and After Her Death
Various newspaper and magazine articles, letters, and advertisements are given
in a number of places in Volume II and Volume IV.

Volume V  Songs of Truth and Love:
Music by Frances Ridley Havergal and William Henry Havergal

1. Introductory essays on Frances Ridley Havergal as a musician
2. Havergal ’s Psalmody and Century of Chants—primarily music by William
Henry Havergal, edited by F.R.H.
3. Songs of Grace and Glory—hymnal edited by C.B.Snepp (words) and
F.R.H. (music)
4. Sacred Songs for Little Singers—words by F.R.H., set to music by Alberto
Randegger (Included in Volume III, this is included here also.)
5. Songs of Peace and Joy—words by F.R.H., set to music by Charles H.
6. Loyal Responses—with music—words and music by F.R.H.
7. Art Songs and other scores by F.R.H.
8. Music by William Henry Havergal
9. Music by Henry East Havergal
10. Scores with words by F.R.H. set to music by other composers

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