First Day.

The Source of the Kingship.

“Because the Lord hath loved His people, He hath made thee king over
them.”—2 Chronicles 2:11; 9:8.

John 17:24       CHRIST said to His Father, “Thou lovedst me before the
foundation of the world.”  At that mysterious date, not
Ephesians 1:4  of time, but of everlasting love, God “chose us in Him.”
Titus 1:12        Before the world began, God, that cannot lie, gave the
promise of eternal life to Him for us, and made with Him
2 Samuel 23:5 for us “a covenant ordered in all things, and sure.”  The
leading provisions of that covenant were, a Lamb for our
atonement, and a King for our government—a dying and a
living Saviour.  This God the Father did for us, and His own
divine interest is strongly indicated in the typical words,
Genesis 22:8   “God will provide Himself a Lamb,” and “I have provided
I Samuel 16:1  me a King.”  So the Source of the Kingship of Christ is God
Himself, in the eternal counsels of His love.  It is one of the
Psalm 139:17  grand “thoughts of God.”
Having provided, He appointed and anointed His King:
Psalm 2:6       “Yet have I set (margin, anointed) my King upon my
holy hill of Zion.”  What a marvellous meeting-place is thus
found in the Kingship of Jesus for God’s heart and ours!  He
says in His majestic sovereignty, “I have set my King”; and
Psalm 44:4      we say in lowly and loving loyalty, “Thou art my King.”
I Kings 1:35     God has appointed His King “to be ruler over Israel
and over Judah.”  Thus He gives his children a great bond
Ezekiel 37:2    of union.  For “one King shall be King to them all,” and
John 11:52      He shall “gather together in one the children of God which
were scattered abroad.”  “Satan scatters, but Jesus ga-
thers.”  Shall we then let the enemy have his way, and
induce us to keep apart and aloof from those over whom
our beloved King reigns also?  Let us try this day to
recollect this, and make it practical in all our contact with
His other subjects.
Why has God made Jesus King?  Who would have
guessed the right answer?  “Because the Lord loved His
people.”  So the very thought of the Kingship of Christ
Jeremiah 31:3  sprang from the everlasting love of God to His people.
Bring that wonderful statement down to personal reality,—
“His people,” that is, you and me.  God made Jesus King
over you, because He loved you, and that with nothing
John 17:26      less than the love wherewith He loved Him. Which is the
more wonderful—the love that devised such a gift, or the
gift that was devised by such love !  Oh, to realize the
glorious value of it !  May we, who by His grace know
something of God’s gift of His Son as our Saviour, learn
day by day more of the magnificent preciousness of His
gift of His Anointed One as our King !

F.R.H.  (the “First Day” of My King)

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