A Few Music Scores By F.R.H.

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This Irish harp with a wreath of shamrocks was painted by hand on a page in F.R.H.’s personal Album (containing poems, verses, illustrations, other items, and signatures by friends, from 1860–1868). The words are modern Irish, but written in an old form of lettering. The words are the first part of John 15:9: “As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you.”
Frances had planned to leave (“D.V.” she wrote in a letter dated May 9, the initials for the Latin “Deo volente,” meaning “God willing”) on June 4, 1879, for a trip to Ireland for two months to tour the Irish Society Mission stations, and to write on what she observed and learned to raise awareness and support for that true work. The Lord had a better way: on June 3, her final illness ended, and she entered His presence.

This was a personal seal of Frances, encircled by a locket of her hair, hand-painted, and found with the personal seals of other members of her family. Frances’ personal emblem was the harp.

J. & R. Parlane published a number of her hymns in leaflets like this one.