“Nothing to Pay” words and music by Frances Ridley Havergal

Late in her life F.R.H. began to set to music the 31 poems of Loyal Responses,
and she composed music for for Days 2, 3, 4, 6, 14, 19, 24, and 31 before her
unexpected early death at 42 and a half on June 3, 1879. The ones that she did
not set were posthumously fitted to music that she had composed for other texts
earlier in her life.  Her sister Maria published these posthumously in 1881, with the
title Loyal Responses  The Last Melodies of Frances Ridley Havergal with Other
Poems and Tunes.  At the end of the book, after the 31 poems of Loyal
Responses, another nine scores composed by Frances were published, among
“The Last Melodies” that she wrote, and this was the sixth of those nine additional
scores. The words were written in April, 1879, thus both the words and music
were very late in her life.

1. Nothing to pay!  Ah, nothing to pay!
Never a word of excuse to say!
Year after year thou hast filled the score,
Owing thy Lord still more and more.
Hear the voice of Jesus say,
“Verily thou hast nothing to pay!
Ruined, lost art thou, and yet
I forgave thee all that debt.”

2. Nothing to pay! the debt is so great;
What will you do with the awful weight?
How shall the way of escape be made?
Nothing to pay! yet it must be paid!
Hear the voice of Jesus say,
“Verily thou hast nothing to pay!
All has been put to My account,
I have paid the full amount.”

3. Nothing to pay; yes, nothing to pay!
Jesus has cleared all the debt away;
Blotted it out with His bleeding hand!
Free and forgiven and loved you stand.
Hear the voice of Jesus say,
“Verily thou hast nothing to pay!
Paid is the debt, and the debtor free!
Now I ask thee, lovest thou Me?”

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