This was the Twenty-seventh Day of Little Pillows by F.R.H., a small book of 31 pieces for children.


“I will be surety for him.”—Genesis 43:9.

Judah, the elder brother, promised his father to bring Benjamin safely back from Egypt. He undertook this entirely. He said, “I will be surety for him; of my hand shalt thou require him: if I bring him not unto thee, and set him before thee, then let me bear the blame forever.” And his father trusted Judah to do as he had said, and so Judah was surety for Benjamin.
Jesus Christ is Surety for us. He, our Elder Brother, undertakes to bring us safely to the house of His Father and our Father. He undertakes to present us before the presence of His glory. We are in His hand, and from His hand God will require us and receive us. And God, who so loves His children, has trusted the Lord Jesus to do this. He has given us to Him, and He has accepted Jesus Christ as our Surety.
Now, if God has trusted Him, will not you trust Him too? What ! hesitate
about trusting Jesus? Whom else could you trust? Who else could undertake to bring you safe to heaven? Benjamin might possibly have found his way by himself from Egypt to Canaan; but never, never could you find the way by yourself from earth to heaven; and never, never could anyone but the Lord Jesus bring you there.
Benjamin could not be quite certain that his brother could keep his promise, for Judah was only a man, and might have been killed in Egypt. But you may be quite certain that your Elder Brother can keep His promise, for He is God as well as man. And do you think He would break His promise? He, the Faithful Saviour, break His promise? Heaven and earth shall pass away, but His word shall not pass away!
Then trust Him now, and never wrong His faithful love again by leaving off trusting Him. He is our Surety, and He will bring every one who trusts Him safe to the heavenly Canaan.

“Jesus, I will trust Thee, trust Thee with my soul !
Guilty, lost, and helpless, Thou canst make me whole!
Jesus, I do trust Thee, trust without a doubt!
‘Whosoever cometh, Thou wilt not cast out.’ ”

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