Second Day.

The Promise of the King.

“I will be thy King.”—Hosea 13:10.

He knows our need of a king. He knows the hopeless
Hosea 3:4         anarchy, not only of a world, but of a heart, “without a king
Hosea 10:3       king.” Is there a more desolate cry than “We have no
king”?—none to reverence and love, none to obey, none to
guide and protect us and rule over us, none to keep us in
that truest freedom of whole-hearted loyalty. Have we not
Isaiah 57:10,18  felt that we really want a strong hand over our hearts?
that having our own way is not so good as another’s way,
if only that other is one to whom our hearty and entire
confidence and allegiance can be and are given? Has
there not been an echo in our souls of the old cry, “Give
me a king”?—a cry that nothing can still but this Divine
Hosea 13:10      promise, “I will be thy King!”
But the promise has been given; and now, if the old
desolate wail of a kingless heart comes up in an hour of
faithless forgetfulness, His word comes like a royal
Micah 4:9          clarion, “Now, why dost thou cry out aloud? Is there no
king in thee?” And then the King’s gracious assurance
falls with hushing power, “I will be thy King.”
How glad we are that He Himself is our King! For we
Philippians 3:21 are so sure that He is able even to subdue all things unto
Micah 7:19        Himself in this inner kingdom, which we cannot govern at
Romans 7:19     all. We are so glad to take Him at His word, and give up
the government into His hands, asking Him to be our King
in very deed, and to set up His throne of peace in the long
disturbed and divided citadel, praying that He would bring
II Corinth. 10:5   every thought into captivity to His gentle obedience.
We have had enough of revolutions and revolts, of
tyrants and traitors, of lawlessness and of self-framed
Isaiah 26:13      codes. Other lords (and oh, how many!) have had domi-
nion over us. He has permitted us to be their servants,
II Chron. 12:8     that now, by blessed and restful contrast, we may know
Acts 17:7          His service. Now we only want “another King, one Jesus.”
Psalm 110:3      He has made us willing in the day of His power, and that
was the first act of His reign, and the token that “of the
Isaiah 9:6          increase of His government and peace there shall be no
end” in our hearts.
Lord, be Thou my King this day ! Reign more absolute-
ly in me than ever before. Let the increase of Thy govern-
II Thess. 1:12    ment be continual and mighty in me, so that Thy name
may be glorified in me now and for ever.

Reign over me, Lord Jesus !
Oh, make my heart Thy throne !
It shall be Thine for ever,
It shall be Thine alone!

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