This was the first of the 31 pieces of Little Pillows.


“Come unto Me.”—Matthew 11:28.

What kind, sweet words for your pillow to-night!  Jesus says them to you.
“How am I to know?”  Well, they are for every one that is weary and heavy laden.  Do not you know what it is to be weary and tired sometimes?  Perhaps you know what it is to feel almost tired of trying to be good—weary with wishing you could be better.  So, you see, it is to you that He says “Come!”
And if you have not yet come, you are heavy laden too, even if you do not feel it; because the burden of sin is heavy enough to sink you down into hell, unless Jesus takes it from you.  So it is to you that He says “Come!”
And lest you should think He says it to grown-up people only, He said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”  Are you a little child?  Then it is to you that He says “Come!”
“If He were here, and if I could see Him, I should like to come.”  He’s here, as really and truly as you are.  Suppose your mother and you were in a dark room together, and she said, “Come to me!” you would not stop to say, “I would come if I could see you.”  You would say, “I am coming, mother!” and you would soon feel your way across the room, and be safe by her side.  Not seeing her would not make any difference.
Jesus calls you now, this very night.  He is here, in this very room.  Now, will you not say, “I am coming, Lord Jesus!” and ask Him to stretch out His hand and help you to come, and draw you quite close to Himself?
Yes, to Himself, the blessed, beloved Lord Jesus, who loved you and gave Himself for you, who has waited so patiently for you, who calls you because He wants you to come and be His own little lamb, and be taken up in His arms and blessed.  Will you keep Him waiting any longer?  Will you not “Come”?

“Will you not come to Him for life?
Why will ye die, oh why?
He gave His life for you, for you!
The gift is free, the word is true!
Will ye not come? Oh why will ye die? ”

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