Third Day.

Allegiance to the King.

“Thou art my King”—Psalm 44:4.

First, can I say it?
Is Jesus in very deed and truth “my King”? Where
Romans 14:17   is the proof of it? Am I living in His kingdom of “righteous-
ness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost” now? Am I
I speaking the language of that kingdom? Am I following
Jeremiah 10:3    “the customs of the people” which are not His people?
Jeremiah 12:16  or do I “diligently learn the ways of His people”? Am I
practically living under the rule of His laws? Have I done
heart homage to Him? Am I bravely and honestly uphol-
ding His cause, because it is His, not merely because
those around me do so? Is my allegiance making any
practical difference to my life to-day?
Next, ought I to say it?
What ! any question about that? The King, who came
Acts 20:28        Himself to purchase me from my tyrant and His foe; the
Philippians 2:7  King, who laid aside His crown and His royal robes, and
left His kingly palace, and came down Himself to save
II Corinth. 8:9    a rebel; the King, who, though He was rich, yet for my
sake became poor, that I “through His poverty might be
rich,”—ought I to acknowledge Him ? is it a question of
I Thess. 2:12     “ought I?” God has “called me unto His kingdom and
Colossians 1:13 glory”; He “hath translated me into the kingdom of the
Son of His love”; and shall the loyal words falter or fail
from my lips, “Thou art my King”?
Lastly, do I say it?
Psalm 45:11           God has said to me, “He is thy Lord, and worship
John 20:28        thou Him.” Do my lips say, “My Lord and my God”?
Philippians 3:8   Does my life say, “Christ Jesus, my Lord,”—definitely
and personally, “my Lord”? Can I share in His last sweet
commendation to His disciples, the more precious be-
John 13:13        cause of its divine dignity, “Ye call me Master and Lord,
Psalm 81:15,    and ye say well, for so I am”? Have I said, “Thou art my
margin              King” to Jesus Himself, from the depth of my own heart,
in unreserved and unfeigned submission to His sceptre?
Matthew 10:32   Am I ashamed or afraid to confess my allegiance in plain
English among His friends or before His foes? Is the seal
upon my brow so unmistakeable, that always and every-
Acts 4:13          where I am known to be His subject? Is “Thou art my King”
blazoned, as it ought to be, in shining letters on the whole
II Corinth. 3:2     scroll of my life, so that it may be “known and read of all
men ”?
Psalm 38:15,           Answer Thou for me, O my King! “Search me and try
P.B.V.*;            me,” and show me the true state of my case, and then for
Psalm 139:23    Thine own sake pardon all my past disloyalty, and make
me by Thy mighty grace from this moment totally loyal ! For
Psalm 25:11      “Thou art my King.”

* P.B.V.  Prayer Book Version.  Psalm 38:15  “For in thee, O Lord,
have I put my trust: thou shalt answer for me, O Lord my God.”  [This
is the Anglican Book of Common Prayer; F.R.H. used specifically the
1662 Book of Common Prayer.]

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