Twentieth Day.

The Friendship of the King.

“He that loveth pureness of heart, for the grace of his lips the king
shall be his friend.”—Proverbs 22:11.

Proverbs 20:9      “Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure?”
Habakkuk 1:13    Who must not despair of the friendship of the King if this
were the condition? But His wonderful condescension in
Matthew 5:8        promising His friendship bends yet lower in its tenderly
devised condition. Not to the absolutely pure in heart,
to the perhaps very sorrowfully longing lover of that
pureness, come the gracious words, “The King shall be
his Friend.”
Yet there must be some proof of this love; and it is
found in “the grace of his lips.” “For out of the abun-
Matthew 12:34     dance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”Here, again, we
stop and question our claim; for our speech has not
Colossians 4:6     always been “with grace”; and the memory of many a
Matthew 12:36     graceless and idle word rise, to bar it. How then shall
the King be our Friend? Another word comes to our help:
Psalm 45:2          “Grace is poured into thy lips,”—grace that overflowed in
Luke 4:22            gracious words, such as never man spake, perfectly holy
John 7:46            and beautiful; and we look up to our King and plead that
He has Himself fulfilled the condition in which we have
failed,—that this is part of the righteousness which He
Romans 3:22       wrought for us, and which is really unto us and upon us,
because we believe in Him; and so, for the grace of His
own lips, the King shall be our Friend.
Who has not longed for an ideal and yet a real friend,
Psalm 139:2        —one who should exactly understand us, to whom we
Mark 6:30            could tell everything, and in whom we could altogether
Revelation 19:11   confide,—one who should be very wise and very true,—
John 13:1             one of whose love and unfailing interest we could be
certain? There are other points for which we could not
Matthew 28:20      hope,—that this friend should be very far above us, and
Psalm 40:17         yet the very nearest and dearest, always with us, always
Psalm 57:2           thinking of us, always doing kind and wonderful things
Isaiah 38:14          for us; undertaking and managing everything; forgetting
Zephaniah 3:5       nothing, failing in nothing; quite certain never to change
Malachi 3:6          and never to die,—so that this one grand friendship
Hebrews 7:24       should fill our lives, and that we really never need trouble
I Peter 5:7            about anything for ourselves any more at all.
Such is our Royal Friend, and more; for no human
possibilities of friendship can illustrate what He is to
John 15:14           those to whom He says, “Ye are my friends.” We, even
John 20:28           we, may look up to our glorious King, our Lord and our
Song. 5:16           God, and say, “This is my Beloved, and this is my
I Chronicles 27:33  Friend !” And then we, even we, may claim the privilege
I Kings 4:5            of being “the King’s companion” and the “King’s friend.”

Twentieth Day of My King by F.R.H.

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